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I truly believe SHAPE was a Godsend. – Shad M.

As an individual who played football on the offensive line in college, I have never been a small guy.

My playing weight in college was 285 lbs. and as the years went along, I slowly crept up into the 300’s. I was a 3XL body type, for sure. I was 320 lbs. when I first got serious about losing weight and found myself in the 270’s and the weight was just falling off. I ended up having hyperthyroidism and was at 245 lbs. (which I loved), but had no energy, a resting heart rate of 120 beats/minute, and couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes at a time. I followed the advice of my endocrinologist and killed off my thyroid and quickly found myself gaining weight in an uncontrollable manner. I was begging for help and all my endocrinologist would say was, “Eat less and exercise more.” I told him I worked out 27 times last month and biked well over 200 miles and my diet wasn’t that bad. He told me I had two options: surgery or pills.

That is when I found SHAPE ReClaimed.

I was weighing in at 380 lbs., out of clothes that fit and wearing 4-5XL shirts, when I started the SHAPE Program and got down to 245 lbs. Working with my SHAPE practitioner and taking the SHAPE Drops have helped me maintain my health and drop a few pounds I have gained back in the ups and downs since finishing the program. I truly believe SHAPE was a Godsend and I am not sure where I would physically be without it. With my health issues, my body is always looking for ways to get off-kilter and SHAPE helps me stay on track.