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Magnificent Mullein: What You Don’t Know About This Amazing Plant. 

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One of my favorite plants to use for alternative health is Mullein. Mullein is pretty well known for its ability to heal the lungs. The use of Mullein, or Verbascum thapsus,  goes back centuries, and the Native Americans and colonists in America used it to cure respiratory ailments, such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Many think it can be an invasive plant that is just a pesky weed. This “weed: is a treasure to us as a natural remedy that can treat a lot of illnesses. Now, you can find it growing all over the United States, in fields, woods, and even on the sides of roads (although I do not recommend using these found along roads due to the possibility of the use of weed control products on them).

When Covid first hit our area, my husband and I caught it in July of 2020. This was when Covid testing was just beginning, and everyone was scared to death of catching this unknown disease. I have mentioned before that I suffer from Sjogren’s Syndrome, so having an autoimmune disorder made this even more scary. We started taking Mullein drops, and I can tell you I believe this is what our kept our lungs from being severely damaged. I am not saying it “cured” Covid, I am saying that our experience with Mullein helped us from needing to be hospitalized and having long term effects.

The History of Mullein:   

Mullein has been used for thousands of years. Many people understand its ability to restore lung health, and help manage respiratory ailments. What I didn’t know, and what is less discussed, are the other illnesses and conditions this amazing plant can treat. It is not native to North America. Mullein seeds were brought over to the New Country by the settlers, and planted for easy gathering. The Native Americans used this plant for a variety of ailments. The Colonists and Native Americans both used Mullein in teas for breathing issues and viruses. The Native Americans also would smoke Mullein leaves to purify the lungs. They would also crush the leaves and put them on wounds for fast healing.

Mullein can be used in a variety of ways. Teas are made from the leaves. It can be made into a poultice or salve for topical use. Tinctures are used for internal use to fight lung ailments and inflammation. The leaves can be crushed and put on burns or wounds for fast healing.

Uses of Mullein Today:   

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the use of Mullein is still prominent today. Dr. Sobia Khan stated that Mullein is so helpful for Respiratory illnesses, it should be considered a choice for treatment prior to taking Antibiotics! This is really amazing, as many of todays viruses are becoming “Antibiotic Resistant” and morphing into “superbugs”. Furthermore, using something from the earth that God put here for us to heal is, in  my opinion, much better than something made in a lab.

What Other Illnesses Does Mullein Help?

Here are a few other wonderful benefits of Mullein:

  1. Inflammation: One of the greatest properties of Mullein is that it is an anti-inflammatory. It is also an Antimicrobial. What this means is it helps reduce inflammation anywhere in the body. (check out my blog on how to reduce inflammation here).  Inflammation is the root cause of many chronic and acute illnesses. It can be used to treat sinus inflammation, inflammation in the GI tract, and fever and viruses that cause inflammation. Burns can also be treated by crushing Mullein leaves and applying it right to the burn.
  2. Pain Relief: Because of its ability to reduce inflammation, Mullein can aid in reducing pain in joints and muscles. There is a lot of research on the use of Mullein for Bursitis. Mullein has properties that will numb nerves, which helps in reducing pain. If you have a toothache or a migraine headache, Mullein can ease the pain.
  3. Stress and Anxiety: Mullein has a calming affect on our nervous system. When you are stressed out or anxious, Mullein tea is a great way to calm your self down. Steeping a few leaves for about 25 mintues in boiling water is all you need to do to get the calming benefits of Mullein. You can add raw, local honey and lemon juice to the tea to make it more palatable.
  4. Hemorrhoids: If you have ever had these nasty little things, you know how painful they can be. Mulleins anti-inflammatory properties make is a great treatment for Hemorrhoids. You can simply crush some leaves, or put them in a food processor to make a poultice, and apply it right to the area affected. You will thank me for this one!!! 
  5. Cell Protection: According to the Cleveland Clinic, The Antioxidants in the plants stem helps repair cell damage. Mixing the stem extract with alcohol and making a tincture will improve your body’s natural defenses and help cell health.

             What are the Side Effects Of Mullein?  

This is the best part… there are no major side effects reported from the use of Mullein. Some people do have skin irritation from the plant if used in a pure form. Diluting the oils can help. As always, do not take Mullein or any natural remedy if you are pregnant, have chronic health conditions or on medication without the approval from your doctor.

When you start to take Mullein, especially for respiratory ailments, you may think you are getting worse before you get better. This is because Mullein is an Expectorant, which loosens and helps the body rid itself of mucous. You are going to cough up a lot of junk. Know that this is how this amazing plants rids your lungs of toxins, and starts the healing process.


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Andra Johnson is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Practitioner for SHAPE ReClaimed. She is well educated in holistic and natural remedies. This blog is for informational purposes only. Andra does not claim to treat or cure any medical condition. Always seek the advise of your doctor before starting any herbal or natural products.