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30 Day Anti-Inflammatory Challenge with SHAPE ReClaimed.

“My favorite weather is bird chirping weather.” —Terri Guillemets.


Growth starts as a seed and turns in to something amazing

start your journey with Yarrow Hills Essentials and SHAPE ReClaimed.

Spring is finally here. We can quit hibernating and start enjoying the outdoors. Spring is a time for regrowth, an awakening of our souls, and listening to those joyous sounds of the outdoors.  Here in Ohio, the Robins return. Then we REALLY know winter has hit the road, when the Buzzards come back to Hinkley. Without fail, every March 15, these majestic birds return to Hinkley, Ohio. We see the Canada Geese nesting, and soon, their sweet little, fluffy babies will be waddling down to the ponds with their moms and dads. Everything starts to unfreeze.  The trees bud, and the flowers start to bloom. Easter is also a time of rebirth, as Jesus died on the cross, and rose again. Spring is the time when the world comes back to life. It is also the time that we think about getting our bodies into better shape, so we can decrease inflammation. In this article, I will show how the best way to do this is with SHAPE ReClaimed’s 30-day Anti-Inflammation Challenge.


“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature—the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” — Rachel Carson  

Spring is also a time for personal growth. We are able to get out of the house and end our winter hibernation. Seeing the sun and the warmth from it makes us feel better (Thank you God for Vitamin D!). We all spend the winter months living indoors, the holidays consist of amazing foods that are really hard on our bodies. We are not as active as we are in the other seasons, as we spend time watching TV, football and basketball. We are more sedentary. But then Spring comes along, and we are rejuvenated, more motivated to get off the couch and get back to
living. Our family takes takes the cover off our camper, and we head to the hills of Southern Ohio.
Then comes our clothes. We try to put on last years shorts, rock last years t-shirts, and realize these don’t fit like they did last summer. We also notice our pain levels are higher when we get more active because we have not done much over the winter months. Our muscles ache, we feel sluggish, run down, and have no motivation. So we tell ourselves that we need to get back in shape, so we can enjoy the upcoming spring and summer months.
Camping and SHAPE ReClaimed.

Austin Lake Campground, Toronto, Ohio


So we make a vow to ourselves that we are going eat better, and take some of this weight off. But what “diet” do you choose? There are so many companies promising that if you do what they tell you to do, you can lose crazy amounts of weight. But what if diets are not the answer? What if you still feel like garbage even if you lose a few pounds? When you have chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, fatigue, and chronic illness, INFLAMMATION is usually the cause of your symptoms. Eliminating inflammation is the basis to rejuvenating your body, your mind, and your soul.
Inflammation feels like this fire. Burning and painful.

Inflammation is like a burning fire. SHAPE ReClaimed puts the fire out!

These are symptoms of INFLAMMATION. Most people think that there is not anything we can do about it, that we just have to suffer through these symptoms. What if I told you there is an easy, fast way to get rid of inflammation, reduce pain and fatigue, and help you lose those extra pounds you gained over the Winter? With the SHAPE Program 30 Day Challenge, you will have less pain, get rid of inflammation, and feel so much better. If you would like to know more about SHAPE, read my article Top 10 Benefits of the SHAPE Program
Feeling our best is a year round challenge. But I always feel better when the sun is out, and I can spend time at the Campground. I want to be able to enjoy my family, my grandkids this Summer. What is your motivation to make a change?
JOIN US for our Spring Fling 30 Day Challenge!
Call me at (330) 801-3695 or visit my website at for a free consultation. If you choose to start this journey, I will give you 30% off the initial health assessment and the starter kit (a value of $225.00). The only thing you have to lose is inflammation, toxic fat! Call TODAY.

Yarrow Hills Essentials and SHAPE ReClaimed. The best of both worlds.        SHAPE ReCliamed Certified Practitioner

30 day Anti-Infalmmatiion Challenge

30 Day Anti-Inflammation Challenge with Yarrow Hills Essentials and SHAPE ReClaimed