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Congratulations! You’ve chosen to begin your SHAPE Program journey to better health. We know you are probably wondering how this program works and what you can expect along the way.

Here are six things that can help you make the most of your SHAPE Program journey.

  1. Have a meaningful discussion with your SHAPE practitioner.

Your practitioner may have introduced you to the SHAPE Program to address some of your health challenges, or maybe you sought out a specific SHAPE practitioner. Be honest and thorough when you complete your health history and other intake forms. During your initial appointment, discuss your concerns and challenges, your personal goals, your intentions, and commit yourself to the process.

  1. Read the SHAPE Program Guidebook, explore the SHAPE ReClaimed website, and join The OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed Support Groupon Facebook.

It is your responsibility to read through the Program Guidebook in its entirety and study the information provided on this website (under the Education tab). SHAPE practitioners are not required to explain every detail of the program, and most simply don’t have the time to do that. These online resources were designed to help you to gain as much knowledge as possible as you navigate through your SHAPE Program journey. The OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed Support Group on Facebook is an excellent place to share recipes, be inspired by and motivate others.

  1. Complete a baseline urinalysis and establish a follow-up schedule.

A baseline urinalysis is required before you begin the program. Your SHAPE practitioner will determine what follow-up schedule is best and will be monitoring your progress with regular urinalyses. Your results will be discussed by your practitioner on the day of your appointment. If you have more serious health concerns and/or are on prescription medications, you will require closer monitoring as your medication needs may change rapidly. Be sure to involve your prescribing physician.

  1. Enjoy food based on the guidelines in the SHAPE Program Guidebook and make any SHAPE practitioner-recommended adjustments.

The Program Guidebook provides the foundation of the program. For those choosing Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse, be sure to eat no less than the minimums listed (there are no minimums for Phase I: Basic Cleanse). Depending on your urinalysis results and symptoms, your SHAPE practitioner may adjust your portions or recommend adding certain foods. If your practitioner makes adjustments, understand that these recommendations are for you personally. Please do not recommend them to others who are also doing the program. Your recommendations could actually derail another person’s SHAPE Program journey.

  1. Follow your SHAPE practitioner’s individualized approach.

Each of our SHAPE practitioners are trained on and educated about our program. That said, each practitioner will have a personal preference for how they administer the program. Here are some things that each SHAPE practitioner may do differently:

  • You may be guided to take additional supplements based on your health history, urinalysis results and/or symptoms.
  • You may be weighed and measured in your practitioner’s office, or some practitioners will have you measure yourself at home and report your progress at each follow-up visit.
  • You may need to have your vitals checked more consistently. Some practitioners require pre- and post-SHAPE lab work, which may include a thyroid panel, hormone panel, hair analysis, saliva test for adrenal function or other tests.
  • The cost of the program will vary depending on your practitioner’s clinical experience, diagnostic and treatment techniques, geographical location and your individual needs. The SHAPE Program is offered by many different types of practitioners. Some charge package pricing, while others charge for individual services and products. Because of this, we ask that you not discuss cost on Facebook. SHAPE Central offers a suggested retail price on its products. If you question the pricing integrity of your practitioner, please discuss it with their office or contact SHAPE Central.
  1. Experience total health transformation.

If you truly embrace what the SHAPE Program teaches and represents, you will see results. Inflammation will be reduced, you’ll feel cleansed, your immune system will be strengthened, and you will be transformed.

We realize this program can be challenging at times and the protocol may feel rigid. We require practitioner monitoring throughout your SHAPE Program journey for your safety and long-term success. This is also why the SHAPE Drops and Program Guidebook will never be sold online or to the general public.

Your SHAPE practitioner has partnered with SHAPE ReClaimed and has signed a contract explaining our standards and guidelines. We provide plenty of training and resources to ensure all our practitioners understand how to serve you best.

Should your SHAPE Program journey not resemble what we’ve outlined above, you can contact us here.