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Earth Based Wellness

The Way God Designed

It is Time to Feel Great Again!

Do You Suffer From:


Hormonal Imbalance

Chronic Pain or Inflammation

Weight Issues

Autoimmune Disorders


Let’s reclaim your optimal health and get you living a life you love.

Your Three-Step Solution

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Develop a personalized plan

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Enjoy the wellness God intended for you!

SHAPE ReClaimed

Do You Struggle With:

• Aches and pains
• Anxiety
• Blood sugar imbalances
• Brain fog
• Depression
• Emotional eating
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Irritability
• Sleep problems
• Weight gain

If you’ve tried everything, but nothing works, it’s because you’re dealing with inflammation. We have your simple, life-changing solution: the SHAPE Program.

Phase I: Cleanse

It’s impossible to achieve optimal health without proper detoxification. But detox programs are often harsh or uncomfortable, causing people to give up early before they’re fully cleansed. Phase I of the SHAPE Program is a gentle, yet thorough detox and cleanse. You will also experience a reduction in inflammation, brain chemistry will begin to balance, and if you have weight to lose, you will experience healthy weight loss while in Phase I.

You will take the SHAPE Drops and follow the SHAPE Nutrition Protocol during Phase I. The Nutrition Protocol includes both meat/poultry and vegetarian protein options, low-starch vegetables, low-glycemic fruits and some complex carbohydrates. The details are outlined in the Program Guidebook which contains a complete food list and meal plan. Phase I is a minimum of three weeks, but we recommend staying in Phase I until you reach your health goals.

Phase II: Stablize

Phase II is the most important phase of the SHAPE Program because this is where brain chemistry and metabolism are stabilized. This phase ensures long-term success, especially for those who lost weight in Phase I. Additionally, Phase II helps you learn more about your relationship with food and discover possible food intolerances. You will discontinue the SHAPE Drops and begin adding back the foods that were eliminated in Phase I. Phase II is exactly three weeks long.

Phase III: Live

Achieving optimal health is fantastic. But maintaining optimal health over a lifetime is even better. Phase III is all about LIVING a healthy life. You will enter Phase III empowered with the knowledge gained in Phases I and II. Each patient/client and practitioner together will establish a sustainable long-term plan. Many continue to take the SHAPE Drops as part of their daily regimen and complete a periodic 21-Day Quick Cleanse.

SHAPE Program = SHAPE Drops + SHAPE Nutrition Protocol


The unique combination of ingredients in the SHAPE Drops support healthy detoxification and immunity. They are formulated to help you heal on a neurological and cellular level. The SHAPE Drops make the SHAPE Program unlike anything else you’ve tried before.

SHAPE Nutrition Protocal

The SHAPE Nutrition Protocol emphasizes nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods. We will customize this protocol to your unique needs. No gimmicks, shakes, bars or dieting. Just simple, whole food so you feel your very best.

Change your life with the SHAPE Program:

Feel More Like Yourself

Have More Energy

Keep Up With The Kids

Live wihout pain

Have a clear mind and active body

Feel great in your clothes

Be part of a like-minded community

Have better, stronger relationships

Relax and enjoy your life

Your SHAPE Program includes:

Customized approach to meet your health goals

Regular guidance and urinalysis testing

Support from thousands of members in the private Facebook group

Hundreds of delicious recipes to keep you on track

Time-tested program with tremendous results


Shopping and trying on clothes became enjoyable again.Carol B.

I truly believe SHAPE was a Godsend.-Shad McGuire

I really just wanted to lose weight. I had no idea of all the other benefits that would come with it.-Sara Jo

I feel so much better and have gotten off 70% of my prescriptions.-Darrin

Meet Your Guide - Andra Lynn Johnson, RN, BSN, BA

My passion in life has always been to help others feel their best!

As a nurse, I have cared for many people with disease and illness that may have been avoided with the support of a healthier lifestyle. Modern Medicine is wonderful, but powerful healing happens when you integrate natural, God given alternative therapies into a treatment plan.

I fully believe that God gave us everything upon this earth to heal ourselves.

With fruits, vegetables, herbs, essential oils, and other plants, we can nurture our bodies back to optimal health.  I would be honored to guide you through your journey to wellness.