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Meet Your Guide –  Andra Lynn Johnson, RN, BSN, BA

Hello. I am Andra Lynn Johnson. I am a nurse, and have spent years working in long term care facilities. I am currently a Regional Clinical Support Nurse for a LTC company and a professional health restoration coach.

I suffered from chronic pain and inflammation much of my life.

Finally, I was introduced to the SHAPE ReClaimed Program by a Chiropractor. SHAPE has truly changed my life. I feel less pain and inflammation. I have also lost weight, which is a welcome side effect of following the SHAPE program. I have been so passionate about this program that I became a certified practitioner guiding others on this amazing journey to health.

If you are overweight, suffer from an autoimmune disorder, have chronic pain, or just want to start a healthier lifestyle, let me guide you through the program and help you live your best life!!!

Andra Lynn Johnson, RN, BSN, BA graduated from Kent State University in 1994 with a degree in Psychology. She worked in the Mental Health Field for 10 years, and graduated from Stark State College in 2007 with an ADN.

She completed her BSN from Aspen University in 2022. She is a wife to her sweet husband Bob.  They have two sons, Jimmy and Kyle, who have blessed them with 2 amazing bonus daughters, Renee and Taylor. The Johnsons love their grandchildren James and Justin.

“We are children of God, and believe that God gave us everything upon this earth to keep us well and life a healthy life.”      – The Johnson Family